The Arabian Wellness & Lifestyle Management Company specializes in evaluating Health and incorporating Lifestyle Change in order to alleviate ailments. With decades of experience, Arabian Wellness create, implement, and manage, comprehensivework place health through programs customized specifically for each organization. ItsCorporate Healthcare Plan provides a one - stop solution to address the healthcareneeds of organizations, and includes individual and group solutions.

Studies show that the return on investment in Corporate Health and Wellness initiatives include increased productivity, improved employee morale, reduced healthcare costs, and reduced absenteeism. The key to success in CorporateWellness, is not merely medical and illness support, but also through preventive care,with a focus on Diet and nutrition, Exercise & fitness and stress reduction. This pathleads to Lifestyle change and enables all individuals to reach their full potential.

Our Approach For any business organization, its employees are its most valuable asset.Organizational performance is directly related to employee competency, efficiencyand above all, their well-being. In the complex modern day corporate scenario, theemployee is prone to ever new health risks. The stresses and strains encountered atthe workplace take their toll on performance and productivity.

Currently most organizations offer medical benefits to their people (medicalreimbursement, medical checks, medical insurance), etc. We at Arabian Wellnessbring in a more proactive approach for managing the healthcare needs of theemployees. We aim to mimimise and help prevent illness.

Health Awards & Accolades

We offer prestigious organizations the opportunity to Center stagethemselves at national forum by opting to sponsor the National AnnualCorporate Wellness Awards.

At the end of each year we review all corporate that have participatedin our Corporate Wellness Programs. The organizations with thebest health index from the various emirates will be awarded the“Healthiest Organization” award and the corporate with the besthealth indices in the UAE, would be chosen for the“Healthiest Organization in UAE” award.

Each participating organization will be awarded with a “Participation Certificate”.

From amongst the participating organizations, the“Best Implementing Manager” from the corporates wouldalso be awarded.