• AHG is establishing a wide chain of RAK Medical Centres around the UAE. This is aimed at making world-class, premium healthcare available to more communities, within easy reach. To make this possible, AHG is setting up a large network of medical centres not just in the UAE, but also overseas.
  • Every single one of these medical centres is committed to bringing excellence in healthcare to communities across the world in order to address the day-to-day healthcare needs of families, individuals and organizations, in a professional manner while ensuring patient compliance and customer satisfaction. 
  • To optimize convenience and comfort, the RAK Medical Centres will have an integrated model that offers facilities for Specialist Consultation, Diagnostics, Preventive Health Checks and 24-hour Pharmacy, all under one roof. The RAK Medical Centres will also offer pioneering value added services. These will includeservices such as counselling on various lifestyle issues, thus changing the face of healthcare in neighbourhood clinics forever.