AHG will ensure that all essential factors like systems, equipment, staff, policies, procedures, training and supplies are at the ready and perfectly in place to facilitate a smooth start up. The healthcare facility’s commissioning will be managed by an experienced team from AHG. Practice runs will be conducted in order to ensure that each and every equipment and system is functioning like it should, and that all employees understand exactly how patient flow is managed efficiently and without a hitch throughout the system.

This stage culminates with the healthcare facility’s commissioning, which entails a systematic and documented process by which the owner’s operational needs are tested to verify the performance and efficiency of the hospital’s staff and its healthcare systems.

The commissioning team will facilitate a seamless process from building the hospital to operating it through assistance in the following areas: 

  • Recruitment and training of staff
  • Supervision of handover of buildings and equipment
  • Development of operational policies, procedures and systems