Q. Who is Arabian Healthcare Group?

Arabian Healthcare Group is a premium global healthcare management and consulting firm set up by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah. It is an organization that prides itself on its proven ability to successfully initiate and develop state-of-the-art hospitals, not just in the UAE, but worldwide. Founded in 2011, AHG is a one-stop-shop for all your Healthcare Advisory and Consulting needs as it specializes in the Administration and Management of the world-class hospitals developed by it.

Q. What is AHG dedicated to providing?

AHG professes a clearly stated dedication to instituting customized, turnkey and total solutions for clients while gives personalized, step-by-step advice and guidelines necessary to develop an exemplary hospital administration.
AHG provides hospitals with solutions that not only enhance the quality of service provided but also maximizes operational profitability.

AHG's vast range of service enhancement solutions includes Development and Commissioning of Hospitals; Medical Centers; Trauma Centers; JCI Quality Assurance; Quality Improvement; Compliance and Education Programs, Marketing and Community Relations activities and Consulting Services geared towards improved operational and process flow.

A highly esteemed name in its home country, i.e. the UAE, AHG relies greatly on its extensive experience and in-depth clinical and business knowhow to establish International Quality Healthcare Systems in communities in the region and worldwide.

Q. Who are AHG's clients?

AHG's clients include:
Hospitals, clinics, speciality centers, governments, private investors or doctors looking to develop a new world-class, premium, state-of-the-art healthcare facility.

Private hospitals seeking customized or turnkey solutions to management, administration, branding and operations. Public hospitals and healthcare facilities seeking a Public Private Partnership.

Q. DoesAHG undertakethe administrationof public hospitals and leasing the provision of such services to governmental authorities?

The answer to that would be resoundingly in the affirmative. Yes. AHG has partnered and collaborated with local governments and investors to meet the challenges of providing world-class healthcare and solutions, not just in the UAE, but also in other parts of the world. Should any government express a need for its services, AHG definitely has the capability to provide it in the most professional manner.

Q. How will an outsourcing management contract with AHG operate?

AHG will provide turnkey or customised, outsourced administrative and management services to hospitals and healthcare facilities, through an experienced executive team delegated by it to the respective hospital for the full-time, hands-on management of the hospital.

Although each AHG-affiliated hospital and healthcare facility will have access to the global experience and knowhow of its core team, each will maintain its individuality.

AHG's business philosophy and management experience enables it to allocate “hands-on” global resources to function locally with hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Whether an AHG client wishes to building a new hospital, clinic or speciality centre, or are looking to develop a health plan, increase the footfall in their healthcare facility, expand their market reach, or want to place their healthcare facility on the world map, AHG provides total solutions for all our clients’ healthcare needs.

AHG makes sure that it delivers the desired results each and every time by placing a full-time executive on site as the CEO or General Manager, who will be fully responsible for the management of the healthcare facility. This executive has the support of the AHG team and its Strategic Partners.

Q. What is the difference between an outsourced management contract with the AHG and a traditional healthcare facility consultancy contract?

The key difference between an outsourced management contract with the AHG and a traditional healthcare facility consultancy contract is that while traditional consultancy companies offer services such as evaluation, advice and planning, this advice is mostly ignored or partially implemented.

The AHG not only provides these consultancy services it also ensures that it implements the evaluation, advice and plans suggested by it to deliver the desired results.

Q. What are the benefits of hiring AHG for the administration of a healthcare facility or the building and commissioning of a new project?

AHG is a one-stop-shop for hospital owners looking to improve their healthcare facility’s financial performance, patient handling, medical care or for investors seeking management and experience to develop a new healthcare facility. Thus it can provide all the required services under one roof, ensuring maximum convenience, cost-efficiency and timely delivery.

Q. How does the AHG improve an organization’s ability to deliver high quality healthcare?

The most important aim of any healthcare facility is to provide ideal patient handling and treatment and to make the patient’s experience at the hospital as smooth, stress-free and pleasant as it can be under the circumstances.

AHG completely appreciates the fact that world-class information services, administrative structure and staffing patterns are vital part of the patient’s hospital experience. AHG's experience enables it to develop or improve these systems within a local context so that they have a favourable impact on the care that patients receive.

In addition, AHG's clients have access to the resources of AHG's strategic alliances and excellent relations with organizations, governments, medical supply sources and the pharmaceutical industry.

AHG knows that it is vital for any healthcare facility to increase patient volume and improve revenue, no matter which market it functions in.

AHG specializes not only in attracting new patients directly or through contracts with domestic and global insurance schemes, but also in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the client.

With decades of experience between them, the core team at the AHG is astute at developing business strategies that guarantee success and in taking advantage of the opportunities identified in the client’s market.

AHG's core team includes experienced strategic thinkers who have the ability to analyse a market situation and recommend business plans that will work to the client’s advantage. AHG also works towards improving the healthcare facility’s ability to understand and manage its costs and cash flow. Healthcare facilities are quite complex organizations and determining the cost of providing services and managing revenue flow is quite a complicated challenge. However, AHG has the expertise and experience to handle this challenge.

Even the best of healthcare institutions discover that their efforts to control costs have unpredictable and unsatisfactory results because their information systems do not provide a reliable basis for decision-making.
That is where AHG's team of astute business leaders helps its clients understand and manage costs, control wasteful expenditure and develop financial plans that will lead to successful implementation of the business strategy worked out by AHG.

Q. Who are AHG's strategic alliances and can the client healthcare facility enjoy the benefits offered by these alliances?

All AHG clients enjoy significant value added services with the ability to participate in all the benefits offered by our strategic alliances that include prestigiousorganizations, governments, medical supply sources and the pharmaceutical industry.

Q. Where are AHG's services offered?

AHG is a global healthcare facility management company and works with institutions around the world. So, its services are accessible nearly anywhere in the world.

Q. If I am mainly looking for participation in the investment or the financing of a healthcare facility, what services can AHG offer me?

AHG does not directly offer financing services for projects. However, more often than not, before granting credit for a healthcare facility some financial companies require the hiring of professional services like the one offered by AHG.

Q. How can I obtain more information about Arabian Healthcare Group?

The executives of Arabian Healthcare Group will willingly make themselves available to answer any questions regarding AHG's services. You may contact us directly and let us know how we can be of assistance, and one of our executives will help you access all the information that you seek.